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Masterclass di Contrabbasso della prof.ssa Petya Bagovska PhD

Martedì 9 Aprile – Venerdì 12 Aprile

La masterclass di contrabbasso è aperta ad allievi interni ed esterni.

Link iscrizione: https://forms.gle/tUkVbsAfuxvjKMVq5


Petia Bagovska is a renowned performer and a PhD Professor at the National Academy of Music in Sofia, Bulgaria. She has graduated as a student of Prof. Todor Toshev and has specialized with Maestro Franco Petracchi at Chigiana Academy of Music in Siena. Bagovska performed recitals as a soloist and taught masterclasses throughout whole Europe – Poland, Germany, Portugal, Italy, Greece, Czech Republic, UK, France, Slovakia, Denmark, Finland and the United States. She was a jury member of bass competitions including ‘’ J.M.Sperger “ competition. Petia Bagovska worked in the United States, teaching at Wright College of Chicago and led masterclasses at the Universities of Illinois, Oklahoma, Michigan, Indiana, Pennsylvania, and Texas. She was a member of Chicago Pop’s Orchestra, World Symphony Orchestra, and Springfield Symphony in the USA. She was a soloist of Northwest Chicago Symphony and attended the ISB Conventions in Kalamazoo, Michigan University, Oklahoma City University 2007 and the World Bass Festivals in Europe- Paris, Berlin ,Copenhagen, Prague, Wrocław and Brno. Petia Bagovska has realized two solo CD’s – “Gallery” and “One Bass One Woman “and has published her own books: “Double Bass Studies ”, “Double Bass – Traditions and Future” and “The Art of Double Bass.” Her name was mentioned in the media, books and world magazines – “The Strad”, “Double bassist”- London, as a “woman – innovator, whose work as a teacher, soloist, and musician has influenced the development of the double bass art”. Her students are working in the national and international orchestras and more than twenty of them are awarded in the national and international double bass competitions.