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The I.S.S.M. Conservatorio Guido Cantelli di Novara participate to the national Federation IDEM (IDEntity Management federate do for the access to the resources), to realize the GARR federated AAI, and to interfederation eduGAIN (that interconnects identity federations around the world, simplifying access to content, services and resources for the global research and education community).

Resource list available as member of the IDEM GARR AAI that you can access with this Identity Provider.


Acceptable Use Policies – AUP


  • Technical Contact for I.S.S.M. Conservatorio Guido Cantelli di Novara:


The I.S.S.M. Conservatorio Guido Cantelli di Novara with this Identity Provider can send to the requested resource some informations (called attributes) about you.
These informations are:

  • Needed to access on the resource requested
  • Limited to only those informations strictly needed
  • Treated by following the law

The information set sent could change from resource to resource.

This Identity Provider will send, to each resource, only attributes needed to the access on them.

Before the access on the resource, you will view which attributes will be sent where you could decide if consent (or not) the release of such informations. If you denied the releasing of the needed attributes, you could not access to the resource requested.

The following table contains all attributes that your IdP can send to the resources, but only a subset of these attributes will be sent to the resources, the required ones:



Attribute Name Meaning
sn Surname
givenName Name
cn Name Surname
displayName Name Surname
mail E-mail
schacHomeOrganization The persons home organization using the domain of the organization.
schacHomeOrganizationType Type of a Home Organization
eduPersonScopedAffiliation Specifies your affiliation within a particular security domain in broad categories such as student, faculty, staff, alum, etc
eduPersonPrincipalName A scoped identifier for a person

The Privacy Policy applied to the users of the institution I.S.S.M. Conservatorio Guido Cantelli di Novara is located here: Privacy Policy